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Q: How do we produce clean, safe, and efficacious Chinese medicinal herbs in America?

A: Join your fellow DOMs, LAcs, and EAMPs in the growing movement! We are organizing reliable production at an increasing number of small ecological farms, guided by board-certified Chinese herbal medicine practitioners.

Our nonprofit organizations have received over $400,000 for this purpose since 2013. To continue to raise funds on this scale, we need to show potential major donors that Chinese medicine clinicians in the USA support the development of domestic production. Our goal is to enlist one thousand practitioners who give an annual tax-deductible donation – in any amount – to High Falls Foundation. That’s an impressive endorsement from the AOM profession.

The number of givers is what counts, not the amount. You can provide the leverage we need to persuade grant funders. All proceeds from your contribution to High Falls Foundation, Inc. support domestic production, including the Local Herbs website and the Eastern Forest Chinese Herbal Medicine Consortium, a national and a regional network of groups. Show your commitment now by making a donation!

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You won’t be alone. The scale of domestic production is small right now, but plants are in the ground and farmers are planting more, with technical support provided by our organizations.

We need to expand the scale, carefully and over a period of several years (most of the plants take 3 to 5 years or longer to grow). With adequate funding for capacity and technical assistance we will be able to:

  • Provide farmers with specific information on species selection, seed sourcing, germination, cultivation and harvesting.
  • Build a central facility to compare and evaluate samples from crops grown in the USA, providing feedback to growers.
  • Enable Chinese herbologists to assess the quality and efficacy of domestically-grown herbs, comparable to or exceeding Chinese standards.

Join the growing movement and become one of our 1,000 practitioners! Donate now, and sleep better tonight knowing you have taken a step toward ensuring the future of your herbs.

To print and mail our donation form, click here.

More information:

Email: EasternForest@HighFallsGardens.net

Eastern Forest Chinese Herbal Medicine Consortium